Support us!

Even though many years have passed since we bought this old house and the land around it, the construction works have been slow, as we have mainly used our own resources to do it (we also have a long list of persons whom we would like to particularly thank for their support. There is still a lot to build inside the house as well as outside of the house. And it all needs lot of money. We talk about 100,000 euros at least. However, the situation has changed a lot in 2017  – we have got support from several programs which contribute to the development of the rural areas – that is why we are very positive about the future of the Umbusi center. The detailed description of the construction works can be found here.

If some rooms would be finished (and it will happen now very soon), with the ceiling and floor and walls, we could concentrate more on organizing the events which we have long planned to do. Also, people could have the place to sleep in the house.

Your support can be financial – you can make a bank transfer to our bank account:

Pank (bank name): Swedbank
Panga aadress (bank address): Liivalaia 8, 15040, Tallinn, Estonia
Arve number (account number):  EE722200221016639493,
saaja (receiver): Khordongi Ühing Eestis MTÜ (Khordong Association in Estonia)

 Every amount is very welcome. The other option is just to come here and help with the building works. As there are many different works, specific knowledge is not always necessary.