Tulku Urgyen in Estonia 2016

Tulku Urgyen Chemchok in Estonia in Umbusi Buddhist Centre

from 9th to 14th September 2016


Tulku Urgyen Chemchok, son and the lineage holder of the late Chhimed Rigdzin Rinpoche (1922-2002) who visited Estonia in 2000, will come to Estonia to perform the consecration ritual of Umbusi Buddhist Centre’s land and temple and confer the initiations of Guru Rinpoche and Dorje Drolö.

Preliminary schedule:

Saturday, 10th September

Preparations of the land and temple consecration ritual (rab gnas).

Sunday, 11th September

10.00 – Land and temple consecration (rab gnas)

14.00 – Big Rigdzin practice (accomplishment method of Guru Rinpoche according to Nüden Dorje’s terma) with Guru Rinpoche initiation and big tsok.

Monday, 12th Septmeber

9.30 Big Dorje Drolö practice

14.00 an initiation of Dorje Drolö (according to Nüden Dorje’s terma).

Tuesday, 13th September

10.00 Big Rigdzin practice.

Practical information:

Venue: Umbusi Buddhist Centre (Umbusi küla, Põltsamaa vald, Jõgevamaa, Estonia). 140 km from Tallinn, 220 km from Riga airport.

Cost: Consecration ceremony – donation; Guru Rinpoche initiation – 10 euros; Dorje Drolö initiation: 10 euros.

Accomodation: Limited number of places available at Umbusi centre, options available in nearby town (Põltsamaa, 12 km from Umbusi, starting from 18 euros/night).

Food: available at the center, with reasonable price (around 2-5 euros a meal).

Further information:  https://www.facebook.com/KhordongUmbusi/

Jako Jaagu: +372 52 30969, jakojaagu@gmail.com,

Kadri Raudsepp: kadri.raudsepp1@gmail.com

Everybody who wants to support Tulku Urgyen’s visit to Estonia – your donations are welcome!

Bank details: Bank name: Swedbank
Bank Address: Liivalaia 8, 15040, Tallinn, Estonia; IBAN EE722200221016639493,
receiver: Khordongi Ühing Eestis MTÜ (Khordong Association in Estonia).