In 2011, Jomo Gudrun gave Padmasambhava initiation and taught the practice of Big Rigdzin in Umbusi.

In 2013, James Low taught Heart Sutra in Tallinn and Umbusi.

In 2015, James Low taught Patrul Rinpoche’s text about the two truths in Tartu and the relationship between mindfulness and Dzogchen in Tallinn.

Besides that, we have organised lime plaster and clay plastering training in 2012, several Art Symposiums (site-specific art) from 2003-2006.

And of course, we do regular practice of Big Rigdzin and Small Rigdzin together, sometimes offering also lamps and doing Butterlamp practice (see our practice calendar for 2016.

Hopefully the main building will be soon in a better shape that we could dedicate more time on practice than on building works (which is also a form of practice in itself).