Building works

Because of the lack of funds, we cannot proceed to full renovation of the house but we have several works going on now in the house (autumn 2017) thanks to several supports from different programmes which objective is to contribute to the development of the rural areas. In spring 2017 we got a support from European LEADER programme for the full renovation of the library (25900 euros). We also have enough funds to partially renovate the main hall (around 60m2 of space) – money for that comes from the ministry of internal affairs – development of the village communities (around 10 000 euros).   Main demolition works are done now (ceilings, old floors) and preparation works to start with the renovation have finished as well (it took a little bit time to find a contstructor). We will soon add here updates about the progress of the works – the main hall renovation works should end by the end of this year (2017). Works in the retreat house are almost done (dry toilet and external bathroom has to be installed).

In general the situation with the construction works is like that:

Main hall 150 m2 with pillars
  1. Project. One of the biggest problems that prevents the continuation of the work, is the lack of the house project (architectural project, heating and electricity, water and sewage). Architectural project costs about 3,000 euros, the price of electricity and heating project is around 1,500 euros, water and sewage system is as well around 1,500 euros. We have no financial means to accomplish them, so donations for that project are very welcome.
  2. Another very important thing is the inner courtyard’s rainwater drainage system. Now we have received an offer for 5,580 euros, but it does not include all works. Thus, the total cost will be few thousand euros more expensive. Right now, rainwater goes in the house foundation, which is a situation which should be dealt with immediately.
  3. The library renovation. Works are now ongoing and we have got the support money from Leader programme as mentioned above. This includes the construction of a concrete floor (87m2), wall finishes with clay plaster, new windows, ceilings and floor covering. Also, the toilet and shower were included (however – we do not have a proper sewage project for the new toilet and bathroom).

    The future library now (2017)






4 .External stairs at the main door of the temple – done in summer 2017 and it looks great. Soon a new side door next to the main entrance will arrive (up to now the door was too broken and out of use).